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Registration with the protected area of the Calligaris Contract Portal


Personal data processing policy statement pursuant to Art. 13 of EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (the "General Data Processing Regulation" or "GDPR")

Data controller and processor

The data controller is Calligaris S.p.A., with registered office at Via Trieste 12, 33044 Manzano (UD), Italy, VAT number IT05617370969, tax code 05617370969, registered capital of €43,000,000.00, fully paid up, Udine Companies Register no. 05617370969, e-mail address for contact privacy@calligaris.it.

Purposes of processing

The data contained in this form is required to allow you to register with the protected area My Calligaris Contract. 

Access to the protected area of the site is limited to contract operators only. Accordingly, the company reserves the right to verify satisfaction of the conditions and requirements for the use of the services in the protected area of the site and to decide, at its sole discretion, whether to grant or deny access to the protected area at any time. If access is not granted or is subsequently withdrawn, the data subject will be informed thereof via an e-mail sent to the address provided during the registration procedure, and the data will be deleted. 

Registration with the protected area allows persistent non-anonymous cookies to be downloaded and the visitor to the site to be identified on the basis of the personal data provided by the visitor at the time of registration.

Such data is used for the sole purpose of managing the portal according to the user's needs. The information collected is the same that is used by non-persistent session cookies (see the "Site Privacy Policy") but permits the user to be identified. The cookies used do not acquire any information regarding the use of the browser and/or computer beyond the navigation of the website.

Registration with the protected areas of the site constitutes consent in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR to the processing of personal data using cookies for the purposes and according to the methods described.

Registration with the protected area allows the use of the following features which are not available in the public area of the website:

  • access to the product configurator, specification sheets and 3D CAD designs;

  • independent management of the projects area, where the user may add articles of interest to him or her to be stored by the system;

  • receipt of promotional or marketing communications, with the user's consent;

  • management of the user's personal data, including rectification and erasure of the personal data stored in accordance with Articles 16 and 17 of the GDPR.


Processing of personal data

The personal data that you provide during registration shall be processed in accordance with the GDPR and the related protection obligations, and it shall be processed in keeping with the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency.


Mandatory or optional nature of provision of data

Providing the data is optional for the user. Data that must be provided in order to register is marked with an asterisk. Filling in any other fields should be regarded as optional.


Processing methods 

The data shall be processed primarily using electronic and remote systems protected by appropriate preventive security measures. 

The data provided shall be retained for the duration of the services requested and may only be retained at greater length to fulfil legal obligations, for the periods provided for in the statutes concerned.


Access to data and scope of disclosure

Persons involved in carrying out the activities required to provide the requested services and manage the affected information technology systems, including third parties appointed as data processors, may have access to your data. Your data shall not be published and may only be disclosed to third parties in the event of the performance of services closely tied to the user's requests (for example, companies interested in the distribution of advertising materials). The foregoing is without prejudice to the possibility that your data may be provided to public entities in fulfilment of legal obligations.

Exercise of the data subject's rights

Please be advised that you are entitled to submit a request to the data controller for access to your personal data, rectification or deletion your data, and to object to the processing your data, at any time. To do so, you may use the contact information provided above.

You are reminded that after you register you will be free to amend any information that you have provided at any time by accessing your protected area of the site and using the data management page.

If you grant your consent to receiving the newsletter, you will then have the right to withdraw you consent. To exercise this right, you may withdraw your consent at any time by accessing your reserved area of the site, using the removal link included in all e-mails that you will receive or contacting the data controller through the channels provided.

Finally, please note that the Regulation grants you the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority regarding the application of personal data processing legislation (in Italy the “Privacy Supervisory Authority”) according to the procedures established by said legislation.


In accordance with the policy statement provided herein, and pursuant to Art. 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR: