Innovation in contract
Over the last few years Calligaris has gained the attention of the international contract markets, due to our growth from product recognition in various significant projects. This is in part to an approach that is based on continuous investments into innovation and an expansion of our product range.Calligaris was founded in 1923 as an artisan workshop - a source of tradition, style, and quality. The Company has had a long standing history that has seen, taken on, and embraced the latest technologies, making it highly geared towards internationalization. This evolution started with the use of wood and developed into the modern-day use of mixed materials with the introduction of new combinations: plastic, metal, fabric, methacrylates, and glass. The development of each product is a process that involves a deep knowledge of the intended market with the right combination of expertise and experimentation. Calligaris’ approach is based on a few essential elements: the continuous investment on the range and depth of its products together with research into functionality and ingenuity.
The growing importance of contract work has led to the establishment of an international structure that is exclusively dedicated to this field, which has naturally evolved into the creation of Calligaris Contract in 2008.This unit, which handles all the projects for the HORECA sector, takes advantage of the company’s vast experience with furniture and is able to functionally respond to the needs of a multi-target clientele from all around the world. At the Italian headquarters, in the province of Udine, a team of interior designers and sales experts follow the clients during all phases of the project. They advise on the selection of eligible products, assist in the planning of the space, and are even around for post-sales activities. This is a dedicated service which puts the customer at the center of it all and counts on the company’s distribution network in 90 countries.
To date, Calligaris Contract has implemented important projects around the world,furnishing spaces of various sizes such as restaurants, bars, spas, museums, hotels, and convention centers. The proposed product range is very wide and includes chairs, tables, accessories, sofas, beds, decorations, and lamps. Calligaris has always been attentive to the unique aspects of each market, following the strictly certified regulations in terms of safety, quality, and origin of materials. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products come from forests that are protected and controlled. Moreover, in 1997, Calligaris became one of the first Italian companies to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification of quality system. The products and materials undergo tests for the resistance of the structure, the flame retardant properties of the fabrics, the quality of the paint, and the power and durability of the adhesives. The tests are carried out not only at the testing center, but also at the CATAS Research-Development center. In 2008, Calligaris opened its first flagship store in Milan and has recently inaugurated other flagships in Shanghai (China), Paris and Lyon (France), Miami and New York (USA), Toronto (Canada), Seoul (South Korea), and Rome. The company operates in the United States under the name Calligaris Usa Inc. It is located in High Point, North Carolina, with 7,000 square meters of office and warehouse space dedicated to managing the North American market. A second operational structure of more than 3,000 square meters can be found in San Leandro, California, and handles business for the west coast. The other branch, in Japan, is located in Kobe, just a few miles south of Osaka.